Simple and secure, the new standard in mobile identity verification.
Change the way in which you tackle identity verification with beautifully simple and secure solutions.

What is

We’ve thrown identity verification on its head, literally. Using simple design principles, the latest in biometric technology and best in breed security, PRIMEiD offers unmatched capability. Speed and accuracy is everything when verifying online. Ensure your customer is identified first time, every time and capture the true fails. Best of all, do so with a flexible suite of solutions that can be integrated with existing websites, apps, platforms or software solutions.


Doing business online is fundamental to the success of any Fintech company, PRIMEiD satisfies your online identity verification requirements, reporting obligations and takes pass rates through the roof! Allowing you to scale without cumbersome manual on boarding processes.

Financial Services

The status quo is not good enough. High fail rates, high costs per verification, poor user experience. It’s time to change and PRIMEiD is agnostic to existing and complex systems.

AML/CTF Reporting Entities

Impending regulatory change will require a raft of entities to conduct full KYC on their customers with little to no experience. PRIMEiD will help you meet these obligations with simplicity and accuracy.

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